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For today's student, Live Online Tutoring is the preferred mode of exam preparation. Join MyWebTutor Tutor community today and tutor students as per their unique learning needs.

At MyWebTutor, you manage your own tutoring business - set and change hourly rates, improve your profile, seek great ratings. Get more students through building and growing your own brand.

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How will MyWebTutor help me in growing my private tutoring business?

Students come to MyWebTutor for one-to-one online tutoring services. Through your presence on MyWebTutor, students can find you, take introductory session with you, buy your Program, conduct online class and get paid online.

How much am I paid for tutoring at MyWebTutor?

At MyWebTutor, you decide your own tutoring rate. After your profile is approved, our team can advise you on going rates in market, but final decision on fees is yours.

How is payment made to me?

When you accept a student for tutoring, we collect part payment in advance from student on your behalf. On monthly basis, your payment is processed and transferred to your bank account after deducting MyWebTutor Service Charge.

How much do I need to pay to join MyWebTutor?

At MyWebTutor, you don't pay anything for listing your profile. When you actually offer paid-tutoring on MyWebTutor and get paid by student, MyWebTutor charges a service fee at that stage.
Note: Being in the launch period, the Service Fees are currently waived off.

How do I grow my own brand as a 'Online Private Tutor' at MyWebTutor?

Your profile displays your credentials, ratings and testimonials from your past and current students. As your profile becomes stronger, you get more students and/or can charge more fees.

When and how many hours do I need to tutor at MyWebTutor?

You decide when and how much you want to teach at MyWebTutor. Time of class is decided by student and tutor based on their mutual comfort before buying a Program.