Tips on How to Select the Right School for your Child


Posted on 09 August 2016

 Tips on How to Select the Right School for your Child

Choosing the Right School Will Get your Child the Education They Deserve

Where your child is educated matters. Where you send your child to school will shape their education for years to come. There are so many options, and they will all look nice on paper. But there is no denying that some school inspire brilliance. While other are happy just losing your child in the system and awarding a certificate, to prove they went through it all, 12 years later.

How can you Ensure you are Enrolling your Child in a Bright Future

Get a feel for the school. When you show up on an orientation day, or any scheduled event, you are seeing the car in the show room.  It was polished before you arrived, the sales people went around and ironed the creases out of the seats, and all the undesirables were left out of the broacher. If you really want to see the school, how it is, take it for a test drive. Ok enough car metaphors, what I mean to say is, you have to see the school as it is. Not the polished tour the well-spoken, good looking English teacher takes you on. 

Most schools are receptive to the idea of taking a walk around, in the day time. Look at the relationships of the students, feel the atmosphere, and trust your gut. Walk slowly past a classroom and observe the teacher, student interactions. Are the students engaged and learning? These are all indicators of an effective learning environment, and what you should use to make yourdecision.

Do not place to much weight in word of mouth. it can be very misleading an ill-founded. Over time a community can grab hold of the idea that one school stands above the rest. You don’t want to go off what everyone else is saying about a school.  

Research is Key to Choosing the Right School

Research is key. After you have visited the school and spoken to some teachers, it is time to open up your computer and discern the facts. Myschool takes the academic results of every school in the country and compares them to similar schools. the latest (2015) profile and population data on each school

The website displays

·       NAPLAN testing

·       Previous years of performance for comparison

·       Student attendance

·       Financial figures, expenditure, and sources of funding

All of this is important when choosing the right school for your child.

You should also consider your child’s wants. If all of their friends are going to a school, then they will probably enjoy that schoolmore. Don’t be afraid to give a school a test run and move them if it isn’t working out.

At the end of the day, you know your child better than anyone, do what you think is in their best interest. The majority of schools are great educational institutions, and the majority of teachers are very good at their jobs.

Choosing the right school is not the end of a parent’s responsibility to a child’s education. If you remain diligent and committed to their education, you will ensure your child gets the most out of their time at school and it will help them greatly, later in life.

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