How to Assist Your Child to Deal with Academic Competition?


Posted on 19 September 2016

How to Assist Your Child to Deal with Academic Competition?

Academic competition is increasing to a great extent and everyone wants his/her child to stay ahead in this competition. Ability to perform in competition is essential for every student in academic and professional life. It is possible for parents to help their children to deal with the academic competition. Your child requires confidence, motivation, courage and extra help from you. Children will be very happy after winning, but they need love and support after losing a competition. Parents can teach resilient to their children so that the children can creatively view their losses and failure. Your help and assistance can make it easy for them to reset their goals and strategies for success. For your help, there are a few tips and ideas that will help you to assist your child in dealing with academic competition:

Build Solid Foundation

You should encourage your child to actively take part in theacademic competition, but this competition should be positive and healthy. You can start with simple and small challenges, such as the arrangement of books, writing one paragraph on an interesting topic or any other interesting challenge. This will increase the confidence of your child. Keep it in mind that yourchild requires three important nutrients to become successful in life:

1)    Security

You should make your youngster feel secure by talking openly with him/her. If the competition is coming closer, encourageyour child by talking about positive and negative emotions. Make him/her understand that it is just a competition, so don’t make it a matter of life and death.

2)    Confidence

Confidence is essential for your child to become successful in his/her life; therefore, show trust on your child to increase his/her confidence. Create a checklist of different tasks to complete before the competition and get yourself involve in the preparation.

3)    Good Coaching

Your child requires a good coach who can encourage him/her for a healthy competition. For example, if your child is going for a quiz competition, his/her coach should send a best of luck message before the competition, stay in touch with your childand increase his/her confidence.

Discourage Excuses of Your Child

You should discourage excuses of your child because initially,your child may try to leave the academic competition. You can ask him/her to stay positive and focus on their goals. Let them assure that your failure will not affect your relation with yourchildren.

Focus on Efforts Instead of Outcome

It is essential to send positive signals to your child aboutcompetition. Make him/her realize that efforts and hard work are important; therefore, do your best instead of feeling anxious about outcomes. If your child feels that you only value their win, they will feel stressed and anxious and try hard to fulfill yourdesire. Give confidence to your child and encourage him/her even after failure instead of nagging on him/her.

Training and Practice

If you want to improve the skills and abilities of your child, it will be good to offer to coach and let them practice what they have learned. Analyze them and share your views about their performance in a positive manner. Your love and encouragement will help them to deal with academiccompetition in a better way.


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