Helping your Child Excel in Essay Writing

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Posted on 02 November 2016

Helping your Child Excel in Essay Writing

“Writing is the most boring thing on earth…”. How many times young learners say something of this kind to their parents? Sitting in front of the blank sheet of paper or, as nowadays, in from of the new open document on the computer screen, students just can’t even start their writing…

It should not be it like that. Please start preparing your child to the epistolary genre long before you see that desperation of what and how to write in your child’s eyes.

When  you are playing with your 4-5 year old one, ask him or her to finish the sentences in turn: “ Once upon a time….” ---and  your  little treasure goes on,” …. there lived a blue-eyed girl called Nancy…” Together, you and your child, will create a beautiful fairy tale….

Or,  if you have lots of time travelling by bus or car, let it be a competition between you and your young student, who knows more descriptive words   (yes, they are called adjectives ), and the winner will be the person who will finish it  and won’t think more than half a minute to produce a word… Then use the words to make longer sentences, something like that: “The bushy bear is hiding in the cave.”  -- “The bushy brown bear is hiding in the cave” ….---The bushy brown angry bear is hiding in the cave”, and so on…    

The other type of the such a game is to finish the sentence in the interesting way:”  Two players argue about the rules.” “The two young players ….. “-  “The two young soccer players argue about the rules…” “The two  strong young players ….  about the new rules.”

So, back to school. The first thing to know about writing is in fact, how to structure it. And it should be explained (if not at school, let it be at home) in the visual and entertaining way:  look together with your youngster at the picture of a hamburger and state, that the order in writing is exactly the same as the order of its parts in a hamburger: the introduction, which is the first part and gives the first information about the topic of the writing. It will be the first half of a bun on the top of the hamburger: Image result for hamburgerThe second, the tastiest and most important part, is a filling, i.e. what is called the main body in writing, and where you write the main points. Finally, the base of the hamburger is like drawing your points together, or giving your points of view.  

The explanation and even the image of a burger, is still just a theory that needs to be put into practice. Let your child use this burger to write about whatever, e.g., let’s the topic be the school lunch box. Start with the introduction, explaining the need of a lunch box at school. In the main body of the writing (like the filling of your burger), describe what you have in your lunch box, and why these specific food items find their place in the lunch box. Finally, in your conclusion, write your own opinion, whether what you have in your lunch box is enough to keep you going at school.

Start teaching your child to use his or her imagination in fragmentary writing in games, as I have shown you at the beginning.  Then, go on with showing the structure, and finally start practising writing, using the proper structure and interesting sentences. Your young student will be a winner! 


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