The Students' Story
Improved exam preparation and better results. MyWebTutor is writing a happier story.

Once upon a time, students attended coaching in groups large enough to be called crowds! It was impossible for students to get individual attention. These classes were one-size-fits-all, ineffective, and downright boring.

Everyday, students travelled for an hour or more, to sit in crowded classrooms, tried their best to understand the concepts, from frequently changing teachers, and not surprisingly often went away with more doubts than clarity.

One day, they discovered MyWebTutor, a platform with many dedicated and expert online tutors. They could now learn from home via interactive and live teaching enabled using broadband Internet. Since the classes were 1-to-1, all doubts were cleared. And no, these were not recorded videos - because videos cannot hear your questions!

Parents loved MyWebTutor too because of features like fees payable in installments, a friendly refund policy, availability of topic-wise enrollment to reduce time and money waste. They could now give their children the best!

Thus, with MyWebTutor, students learnt better, due to individual attention from great tutors and saved travel time too. They used the saved time for self-study and practice, and thus developed confidence to solve the toughest problems - independently!

And finally on the big day of the examination, they were able to calmly and confidently take on the challenge and succeed!

Meet Our Founders
  • Nitin B

  • Sanjay B

  • Rajat S